Ironsmile is an inventive songwriter and producer who draws his inspiration from his life experiences. This Chicago born and raised artist, who now resides in Michigan, has always had music as a friend and inspiration throughout his life. Having been raised in the church being musically active in the choir and playing keyboard and drums has contributed to giving him his soulful side. The culture enriched ways of Chicago have allowed him to venture into the hardest of rap and house music, while the hardships of his life have drawn him to love the softest of songs and melodies. Ironsmile has always loved music but with the help of the growth in software has been able to become serious with recording his own. He has worked on numerous projects and albums, including his dance release Footwork.

The ironsmile way

Everything I am doing right now is under construction so if you see something "not perfect" on here or my website pleaz drop me a line. Thanks!


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Clean Clean

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