Beautiful loser, prodigal literati, broken romatic, rappaholic. Forgotten at birth by interdimentional visitors in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised by humans near San Francisco, California. MAV MC, Anti-Imploder and Word God. Bion Involutionary. Peacemaker.

Khemmeta is alive whenever you hear the heartbeat of the kick followed by a snare bathed in the conversation of sharp-edged, heart-sleeved soliloquy. His debut solo project, Years of Rain, is being conceived now, in the most excrutiatingly tantric manner possible.

Khemmeta's Years of Rain

Born to storytellers, she a novelist and he a stage lighting designer- a writer and a lighter- emcee Khemmeta (born Khem Myrick) was destined from birthright to share tales. The twenty-five year old Hip-Hop head has been writing and recording music since middle school, but only started performing regularly in 2006, when he and newly formed supercrew make.a.virus released their intrepid CD entitled, "Anti-Implosion Campaign".

Fast-forward to 2009, and Khemmeta's preparing to release his debut solo project, the defiantly cheerfully gloomy "Years of Rain" on the world. At present, the track list features ten songs produced by Khemmeta himself, and a half dozen songs produced by his MAV crew mates: Matthew Holt & Kubota. Guest emcees on the album include long term collaborator Midas Platinum III, and Richmond's emblematic trio Pride City Purpose (who also contribute 2 beats to the album).

With almost every song finished, the album is in the early stage of its incubation period, a phase which Khemmeta hopes won't last long. At present, no release date is set.

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