i started out life as a human and then became a musician...that's my parent's story. mine involves people putting guns to my head and other fun rides that i won't explain,but they brought me here to you, where you listen and tell me what you think of me. like the ride?

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have produced a musical comedy that received great reviews; by popular demand we are putting it on again on Peak's Island, Maine on April 14.

I'm also training to be a programmer for WMPG community radio in the Portland, Maine area. Look forward to spinning some of my favorite Broadjam artists when i get a slot

kevin attra

kevin has performed in orchestras, stage bands, rock bands, swing bands and all alone, by himself, with no one else to help him cover ALL his mistakes, ALL the girls he couldn't keep, ALL the jobs that didn't last, ALL the noise he should've made, and never wanted to hear; it's all somewhere in these songs ... this is a human on the dropping edge of sound, looking for something new in a closed box , listening to his own spring-sprung boy.


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