Born of a will to do the right thing and bound by a strict code of short order cooking, the band ensembled itself to lead the charge into the next aquarium. There have been a couple of incarnations through the years, but the core three members survive and weather each other and their individual demons to this day. Not surprisingly, the boys are surprisingly candid about their future in the music scene and describe a sort of self-congratulatory atmosphere wherein all you need is love, and a little bit of hate.
"It's kind of a love-hate thing", Tim remarked as he sipped a cool iced tea. Not to rest in idle abandon, the group is currently at work on their next project, tentatively slated for release early Summer 2009. "We still remain of the opinion that this will all lead somewhere". Yet unlike their contemporaries, abandcalledrocketsurgery retains the self-awareness enough to know that somewhere can be anywhere, and anywhere can be somewhere yet nowhere at all. Pass the scalpel.

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The origins of this band began in the mid-eighties, at which time Tim took to bouncing guitar and vocal tracks between reel to reel machines as well as utilizing "sound on sound" (affectionately remembered as "white noise upon white noise") to help document his fledgling writing capabilities.
There are miles of tape of this early stuff. There is a project which is ongoing which has as its goal a resurrection of these early sessions. They are barebones sonically, and there are many more misses than hits, but the process is rewarding for those on the fly improvised moments captured forever on tape that DO have that special something.
This project is due out in spring 2007.
Ok, so its been delayed.
By a lot.


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