Jimmy Mac, Guitarist, Composer and former violinist. I get such a rush out of playing and i can't stop so i keep going no matter what. I have a nice list of credentials and success in the industry but it's all about what i'm doing today - sure i played with Twisted Sister at one time and possibly did a record with Winter Hours and maybe
i was featured in Guitar for the Practicing Musician ... As well as great reviews with Three Point Play in Jazz Times and Cadence - But what good does that do me now ?


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My New CD - Give It Back ! Has been very well received and i would like to thank all the Broadjam folks for their support .
Huggie Bear has become a fave all over .

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born in NJ . Jewish . Studied classical guitar and violin . Made a little money , lost a little money . recorded some good music and recorded some not so good music but each time i was convinced it was great stuff , i was right 50% of the time .


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