CANNIMAGINE PRODUCTIONS is our company name. The name is in honor of the late John Lennon. We are songwriters Larry Cann and Harry Cassano. We have been writing songs as a team for several years. Recently we started helping other local artists with demo and promo packs and several have expressed interest in performing on our song demos. You will find several featured here on Broadjam. We have songs in many different catagories from comedy to rock. We will try to keep an interesting mixture of our songs available to listen to. Keep your eye on several new artists recording with us they are on their way to stardom. Hopefully with one of our songs!

Latest News

We have several new artists working in the Cannimagine Productions studio.Painting With Sound and Harry Cassano and the Blues Majority Band are recording new CD's. There are also some new ideas by music production supervisor Harry Cassano in the works and we have two new vocalists ready to record some original tracks.


We now have two new bands working with CANNIMAGINE.Harry Cassano and the Blues Majority Blues act,and PAINTING WITH SOUNDS a band that has no classification.There is a new CD for both coming soon.

We Just Write The Stuff

We are songwriting team looking to sell you a song for your next CD. We appreciate all comments for songs and ideas and collaborations. We realize the songs aren't perfect they are demos. Have fun putting your stamp on them. We have a wide variety of stuff and add a couple each week. If there is a song idea you need for your CD let us know we will write it for you. Thanks for checking us out Larry and Harry the CANNIMAGINE TEAM.


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New albums coming from Harry and the Heathens and the Painting With Sounds

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Clean Clean

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