Phil's is an inspiring story about courageously shifting direction to fulfill a life-long dream. As a youngster, Phil wanted to learn guitar but had to settle for trumpet in his school band. On leaving school, Phil saved for his own guitar, taught himself to play and began writing songs. Attracted to songs that touch the heart, Phil was influenced by Paul McCartney, David Gates, Carole King and Don McLean. Marriage and family forced music onto the back burner. In his 30s, Phil joined a Christian music group and his songwriting returned - songs with emotional impact and lyrics said to be 'insightful and penetrating.' Then came songs about relationships and life experiences with emotional overtones. In contests, these achieved a national award nomination, many Semi-Finalist and eventually in 2014, Finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest. His debut original album, aptly entitled Never Too Late, proves that it never is too late to fulfill your dream.
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