Described as Pink Floyd meets Jean Michel Jarre. The Hobliminal Ibloid's Rock & New Age instrumentals evoke the big sounds of the 80's inspired by the lush music of Simple Minds, U2, Cocteau Twins and Vangelis.

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Hob started as an enthusiastic amateur bass player for Rock bands in the UK and US. "Mordor" which morphed into "Oogie & The Bantras Featuring The Hobliminal Ibloid". Hob's other career took him to the USA where he had success playing in and around NYC with a three piece Rock/Blues trio: "The Hemlocks". Unfortunately, work, geography and family commitments lead to the band's demise. Hob now records using programable sequencers/drums, synths, electric bass and guitar. Hob has released his debut album "Action at a Distance".

The Hobliminal Ibloid's music is registered with ASCAP and represented by Hobliminal Publishing.

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Artist: The Hobliminal Ibloid, composer/recorder of Electronic Rock Ambience instrumentals

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The Hobliminal Ibloid composes, performs, programs, records and produces all his own music.

Management & Record Company: Putney Bridge Enterprises, LLC.
Publishing: Hobliminal Publishing - member ASCAP
Contact: See

The Hobliminal Ibloid is a trademark registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


The Hobliminal Ibloid has had his music appear in Broadjam's regional and national top 10 listings. "Lullaby" appeared in the Broadjam "World" top ten listing.

"Believe" was used in a Regimental homecoming video and parade for the 12 Aviation Brigade in Geiblestadt, Germany upon returning from a successful tour in Iraq.


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over 30 days ago to Hobliminal Ibloid

I enjoyed Action at a Distance very much. It reminded me a little of an ELO or Moody Blues song. Also, made me think of In a Gadda Da Vida.

over 30 days ago to Hobliminal Ibloid

Love it, Paul.

Hobliminal Ibloid
over 30 days ago to Hobliminal Ibloid

Recording master tracks for 4 new songs for an EP:

1) More Perfect Union
2) Seasonings to the Mix
3) Surface Tension
4) Nuanced Intrigue

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Clean Clean

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