AmokOpera is a project conceived by ex-Tricks Upon Travellers (TUT) singer Graeme Hobbs in 2006. The music is arranged and produced by ex-TUT guitarist Dick Langford. Other musicians get involved at various stages but it's mostly Dick doing all the work with the idea that it will be redone if there is any interest once it's finished.

It is essentially a portrait of working class life in the UK in the 21st century from birth to death.

It's labelled unique as there is no way to really classify the songs. British music hall maybe?

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Opened an account here as we were told the reviews go much deeper than "nice song, vocals could be better".

The AmokOpera project did start out as a bit of fun for the people involved but feedback on the completed songs has surprised us. Is there really an interest in in an Essex boy musical?
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