Welcome to Hit Zone/Bureau of Music, the original web presence for the words and music of Reed Kailing and PJ Novotny. Reed on vocals, guitars, and keys, Novotny on keys, programming, and vocals.

Reed Kailing fans can find the latest news, songs, and full bio at Reed's site http://www.reedkailing.com

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Reed's compilation CD, "Rare, Raw, and Well-Done", is at CD Baby. Hear newly recorded tunes as well as rare rough demos and live recordings. "Just for the Bucks", captured by Emitt Rhodes, is available for the first time. Tracks range from basic mics at Emitt's to full Nashville treatments with Danny Torroll. Milwaukee's own Billy Cicerelli did an excellent job on mastering. Many of these tunes were vetted on Broadjam top ten charts.

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Kailing started with The Destinations, played The Hardy Boys, The Grass Roots, session work for heavies, and hit gold for Player. In Beatlemania he was McCartney. Beyond Broadway, he joined Badfinger and Tommy Evans. Reed writes evergreen music.


Novotny began writing songs at 7 and continues to stretch horizons. Credits include major market radio, FM and cable bumpers, sound effects, trade shows and a tall ship. Cowriters range from the region's best kept secrets to award winning veterans.


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Ken Lehnig
over 30 days ago to Hit Zone/Bureau of Music

Thanks for the great review of Ain't It Hard. Good well thought out advice. Best to you

thanks for the kind review of Sophie's Blues, I appreciate the comments!

Thank you Hit Zone for your fine review of the song " The Long and Short of the Kid Juan Pizarro " I really appreciate it ! Its off a CD I turned out called " Dreadful News from a Recently Refurbished Garage " By the way I've been listening to your cuts and am really enjoying them - unique ,well done and creative work ! Thanks again Tony DiPofi

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