Gordon Smith singer, guitarist, songwriter

born: Edinburgh,Scotland

Previous record companies:

Philips Fontana, (as member of Flaming Youth, album "Ark Two")

Tamla Motown,

Marlstone Recordings

Studio and stage experience with many artists, including:
John Walker(walker brothers),
Phil Collins,
Andy Fraser(Free),
Stevie Wonder,
The Rock'n'Roll Circus,
Howie Casey
was standby guitarist for Paul McCartney's Wings
played support act for Dire Straits.........
performed at Jazz Bilzen, Belfium
Eurovision Song Contest, Malmo, Sweden
Took part in film"It's a Man's World"NBC, producer Eugene Jones
together with Phil Collins
Ronnie Caryl Brian Chatton

Tours internationally, playing clubs, theatres, festivals,

A Heartbeat in Time

Holding hands by the riverside
floating on the love inside, we can watch the water
gentle as it flows
carrying our dreams along
to a place where we belong, across the border
steady as we go

A heart-beat in time and a mystery unfurled
a vision sublime of a fantasy world......

2nd verse:-
On and on the river flows by
Holy water never runs dry it just drifts away
slowly out of sight
carrying the hopes of those who travel on those hidden roads to their
sacred islands
somewhere in the night

A heartbeat in time, a mystery unfurled
a vision sublime of a fantasy world

slippin' back

well I'm glad to see every day that shines on me
but I feel I'm a long way from home
I can hear your voice inside of me
remindin' me I'm never alone

so here I go I'm slippin' back,
nothin' here to hold me
so I'll be on my way......back home again.....

feels so fine just to know
that there's still some place to go
if a day seems longer than a day
an' I've been gone so long
I can't wait to get back home
even though it seems so far away.....

well I've been round ev'ry lonesome town till I'm tired out
never found one that was any kinda place for me
I've been takin' my time just finding out what it's all about
I don't know yet, but I know where I want to be

so here I go I'm slippin' back........

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