don't mess with Mama

Song Length 4:40 Genre Country - General
Language English


don't mess with Mama
that's a thing you mustn't do
don't mess with Mama
Mama's been so good to you
just take good care of your ol' lady
and she'll take good care of you

all that foolin' round, mister fancy-man -in-town-
s'never gonna get you anywhere
stayin' awake all night- you know it isn't right
an' I just can't pretend that I don't care
but every game's got it's rules, an' she won't be your fool
so beware-better beware!

an' don't mess with Mama
that's a thing you got to know
don't mess with Mama
or she's gonna LET you know!
oh-oh you better understand that Mama's got some plans of her own!

Lyrics gordon smith Music gordon smith
Producer gordon smith Publisher Flash Music
Performance gordon smith Label Flash Music
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