love and I

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Song Length 3:11 Genre Country - General
Language English


Love and I were strangers
even when we met
she'd smiled at me but I'd just seen myself
and though confusion lingered
the dust has long been set
in time we came to know each other wel

she can turn me on like a light
and make me shine all through the night
if there's a way at all, she's the one who can find me
I was fallin' like a river to the sea
when Love came to me
reachin' out like a hand across forever

Love and I were strangers
learning how to sing
though no words I'd heard had meant enough to tell
but every season changes
and like winter turns to spring
in time we came to know each other well

Lyrics gordon smith Music gordon smith
Producer gordon smith Publisher Flash Music
Performance gordon smith Label Flash Music
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