The Golden Vanity is and has always been a family affair. Josh and Jeremiah (Schmokes) were born to write music together. By taking their own life experience, they have created wounded music for wounded people. With melodic, lyric-driven music, The Golden Vanity possesses a style all their own. The Golden Vanity combines the unique styles of their musical influences to create their own distinctive style.

Josh Scherer - Vocals
Jerimiah Scherer - Guitars/Vocals
Leah Scherer - Bass
Matt White - Drums


"Wounded Music for Wounded People"- What was originally a confession from the soul of lead singer Josh Scherer has become the battle cry which The Golden Vanity and their fans have embraced in full.

Envisioned in a dark basement in Minnesota years ago, The Golden Vanity has always been about dropping the barrier between artists and fans with deeply emotional, soul searching music. The songwriting duo of Josh and Jeremiah Scherer continue to burry themselves deep within themselves to create music that offers not only questions, but hope as well.

With Josh handling the lead vocals, and Jeremiah taking over the guitar duties, the Golden Vanity set out to complete the lineup with rhythm section of their sister Leah on bass, and Matt White on drums.

While steadily growing a fanbase in Florida with their energetic live shows, the Golden Vanity put together their debut album in the world famous Morrisound studios in Tampa, Fl. Produced by Jim Morris, On The Silver Sea was a powerful rock album that managed to retain the live feel that the Golden Vanity was known for.

More recently, the Golden Vanity decided to create a more intimate experience with their most recent album, The Fog. Written, recorded and produced by the Golden Vanity in their home studio, The Fog takes music to new levels of introspection.

The Golden Vanity continues to be an act in high demand in the Florida music scene. With a growing online fanbase to compliment the already rabid group here in Tampa, the Golden Vanity continues to expand it's horizons to an international level.

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