Song Length 5:42 Genre Pop - Rock


You might say your ship has come in
Standing skin to skin
You shall have your star
But she decides she wants to stay
Asking you to be her slave
She will keep you anchored down
I couldn't stay there
And be her slave on that island forevermore
There has got to be a higher reality
So I left her

And now I know a time has come
To find a place that is safe and sound
To find something to hold me down
Firmly anchored to the ground
It seems no anchor really holds
No anchor that you know
So now you drift you drift alone
Cold and soaked down to the bone

Now you drift alone at sea
You left her so you can be free
You are not anchored down
But freedom never felt so sad
Innocence you want it back
But you spent it on yourself
All this time I thought everything was water
But I was wrong
I've got to find what lies beneath this blue ocean
At the bottom of the sea
Anchored down

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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