Teardrops from Typical Boys

Song Length 4:23 Genre Pop - Rock


You have said of late that the world is a different place

There is a boy who hates is life,
he is crying here barely alive
In the corner all alone,
and he just needs someone to take him home
But you just ignore his pain,
and thank god that you're not the same
That's they way it goes
and so the river flows

Teardrops from typical boys fall into the sea
In silence their tears are spilled
Underground rivers in the earth are weaved
From the bottom up the sea is filled

The whole world is drowning in rain,
and you won't budge no you won't change
For the moment your house is dry
but not for long, look at the sky
Why do you shut your door,
let them in that is what it's for
You already made your choice
but you shall not drown our voice
That's the way it goes
and so the river flows

Why is it this way, why am I this way

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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