I've been a musician since I was fifteen and I've been lucky enough to be in several very good British rock bands. Most Notably, Harvest Moon, Karac, and internationally acclaimed, Nightwing. I work currently with both Karac and Nightwing.

Karac is hitting the UK Rock & Blues festivals to good reviews &
Nightwing has it's 7th critically acclaimed album "8472" currently on release.

I produce Karac exclusively & co-produce Nightwing with Award winning producer, Gordon Rowley. I have worked in studios and on tours as a session man, and still do, occasionally. It's still a lot of fun.

Performing a song I wrote that won me Liverpool's Radio City Best Songwriter & Best Lead Guitarist awards, a rare video of Harvest Moon can be found at:

Karac music can be found at:

Nightwing videos and music can be found at:

Latest News

My band, Karac's, newly built studio is almost ready, so the long awaited album may actually come together- finally.

Copperfest turned out to be a great gig, as was Colne rock $ blues Festival. Had a lot of good gigs this year and a couple of festivals have already come in for next year. Also, Karac just got a spiffing review in the UK's imfluential "Blues Matters" magazine, so here's hoping for an even better 2010.

On the Nightwing scene the album has been pushed back to January.


I live in the North West of England with my wife and kids.

Most of my time is spent recording and producing various projects in my studio. Since building it I rarely see the light of day, emerging only to play live gigs - hence the dark glasses.

Currently I am working as lead guitarist/producer/programmer and co-writer in two very well recieved UK Rock Bands:

KARAC: a North Wales based outfit playing original music at various festivals and clubs across the UK.

NIGHTWING: an internationally acclaimed UK Rock Band with seven albums to their credit. The latest album "8472" is now on release.

I produce KARAC exclusively and co-produce NIGHTWING along with award winning producer, Gordon Rowley, one of the UK's original wild men of rock. I master in-house.

Other instrumetns I play: Bass & keyboards

Keep it real. Keep it live, unless those damned samples are too good to ignore . . .

On the guitar . . .

As a guitist I'm not trying to set the world alight or play faster or better than anybody else. I'm just trying to be me and enjoy myself.

When I was younger, at the merest suggestion I sounded like some other player I would dump the song or change the solo. I did not want to be anybody else and wasn't flattered by such compliments. Being original was important.

I'm over myself now, thankfully, and though I try not to sound like anybody but myself, I don't feel bad about letting my influences show through and take compliments as they are meant. I'm the better for it, I think.

I play to the best of my ability, that's all I can do, but these days I don't mind leaving a fluffed note in there to keep it human.

I use a '64 Fender Strat & a '76 Gibson Flying V1 exclusively.

Though not averse to acoustic guitar, for the most part I can't be arsed with them and use them merely as a tool. I like to move electrons when I play. Lots of them lol.

There is only one amp for me: MARSHALL - though an old Fender Twin has its uses . . .

Nuff Sed.


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