By unveiling a new solo phase of a music career spanning almost twenty years these new compositions by Gina Noëll signal a long-overdue re-introduction to her unique songwriting, now uncluttered by the ghosts of musicians past. From hook-laden guitar-driven indie rock to pulsating electronica grooves, from sultry trip-hop to a bossa nova reminiscent of 60's movie soundtracks, from rootsy acoustic guitar pop to sweet cello samples and warbling Mellotrons, Gina Noëll artfully distills and then blends a musical cocktail to constantly tingle your taste buds. Music critics have long compared her natural vibrato to the likes of Chrissie Hydes, her turn of phrase to Debbie Harry, Kristen Hersch or Shirley Manson, perhaps more intriguing are the current reviews that compare her material to a female David Bowie……so is she destined to be the “thin white duchess “?…..only time will tell.

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Compared to David Bowie, Chrissie Hyndes, Debbie Harry among others.


Vaguely influenced by Massive Attack, Blur, Garbage, Ed Harcourt, Stereophonics, Ryan Adams, Pete Yorn, Delerium.


The eighties saw Gina fronting "Napolean's Mistress" an art rock band that today in retrospect is considered a band that was well ahead of it's time. The nineties saw the introduction of two bands, The Madding Crowd and Pop Theology to the North West music scene. Gina shared fronting duties for these three bands with Robert Noell. As fate would have it Pop Theology was destined to live out it's final year in the studio and in frustration Gina, accustomed to playing out live, finally struck out on her own forming in quick succession, Twig and then LoveNancySugar. Her songwriting with LNS garnered excellent reviews and national college airplay. She eventually broke up the band after almost 3 years. Later when a short-lived intermediate project called ErotiPop failed to capture her imagination she made the major decision to no longer front a "band" in the true sense of the word. The new-found freedom that this decsion gave her has enabled her to truly experiment musically. Insulated from the pressures and politics of "band life" her new songs reveal a singer/songwriter who has finally found herself. Gina's artistic maturity delivers with a breadth of feeling that will leave the listener both sated and wanting more.

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