Story Behind The Song

Abouts life's promises and resultant dissapointments...what could have been a year ago.

Song Description

Bouncy guitar-driven pop song in alternate style, reviewers cited modern day David Bowie influences

Song Length 4:30 Genre Pop - Alternative, Rock - Modern
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Similar Artists David Bowie
Language English Era 2000 and later



three sixty-five, everything was fine
starting on an all-time adventure
three sixty five, the world was mine
ready for a new life ahead of me...

three sixty-five, watching every sign
on the other line i could hear you
three sixty-five, ready to fly
couldn?t close my eyes til they?re near to you.

a year ago, just a year ago; a year ago, only a year ago

three sixty-five, anecdotes and smiles
climbing in to drive new destinations
three sixty-five, dreams came alive
and hopes ran wild imaginations through you

a year ago (what a difference a year makes)
just a year ago (all the changes i never could have seen)
a year ago (sudden clearance and mistakes)
only a year ago (making way for a road i?ve never seen)

goodbyes and lies and who knows who,
exploding lives and shouts from two
a second, second, fourteenth try to get back to you, no replies.

three sixty-five, eyes open wide
you filled my mind like letter kisses
three sixty-five, promises or lies
and i fly on dandelion wishes to you.

a year ago (what a difference a year makes)

Lyrics Gina Cubbon aka Gina Noell Music Gina Cubbon aka Gina Noell
Producer Gina Noell & Michael Cubbon Publisher Gina Noell
Performance Gina Noell Label Rock Kitten Records
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