"Letting Go of Strings"

Quotes: "...track after track of hot, steamy songwriting, impeccable producton values and a slew of all-star guest musicians"....1/16/04 Portland Mercury "...Gina Noell's debut is eclectic and takes in its styles with a sence of adventure. She goes from trip-hop to pop to bossanova without lossing a foothold once. "Letting Go of strings" is a fabulous record"...Anna Marie stjarnell, Collected Sounds. "What if David Bowie had decided to say hang it all and become a woman? Chances are he might have sounded something like Gina Noell"...."Gina dresses many of these songs up in wonderfully fashionable clothes, building them like high-security skyscrapers, wrapping them in sexy clothing that tease but never reveal too much"... "imagine a positively upbeat Portishead"... Jedd Beaudoin, F5 Witchita E-zine 12/25/03. "a sassy mixture of independent woman, sweet romatic and seductress"..."the common thread to the diverse recording is recording is Noell's dusky coo"...Mark Woodlief, The Oregonian 10/31/03.

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