Eduard Glumov was born in a little province town of the Soviet Union - country that doesn't exist anymore. He started writing songs very early but seriously came to songwriting at the age of 13. Later in 80s when Perestroika came Eduard toured a lot with his rock band doing live gigs all over the country. In 90s he started his studio career - writing, recording and producing a lot of songs and instrumental music for different artists, for theaters and TV. In 2000s Eduard starts working with a lot of lyricists from the USA and Europe working via the Internet. Now Eduard's thinking about his first indie CD release in the US.

Honorable Mention and Suggested Artist at the Song of the Year contest.

3 Honorable mentions for 3 songs submitted in Billboard World Song Contest.

The first place winner of the Great American Song Contest in Rock category. He's included in Great American Song Hall Of Fame.

Grand Prize winner of the International Songwriting Competition 2007.

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BANNED - # 2 at Rock Classic
INVISIBLE - # 2 at Blues Rock
BUS STOP - # 3 at Rock Classic
HOME - # 1 at Country Rock
I'M NOT YOUR FRIEND - # 1 at Rock Funk

3 Honorable Mentions
from Billboard World Song Contest.

The first place winner of GREAT AMERICAN SONG CONTEST in Rock category



I got acquainted with rock music when I was six. It was some rock'n'roll band playing Beatles songs in late sixties. I can still remember that feeling of some powerful force that made me jump up and start to dance. Oh it was great! It was she - my Music! And from that time we have a great romance with her, full of love and passion! There were also the hard times we suffered with poison of jealosy and misunderstanding, periods of living apart and painly missing each other...
But stiil we're together, still in love with each other like in that first day we met or even more. So here we are -me and my Music!

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