All You Really Have Is Me

Song Length 3:30 Genre Latin - General, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


All YOU HAVE IS ME (Music by Eduard Glumov, lyrics by Charlotte Alexander)

Verse 1
I get all the shouts, I get all the whys?
It comes to a point and I just cry
Can't take anymore, anymore of this way
Line me up; I'll come apart one day

All you really have is me
Even when you play back the history
All you really have is me
Just to wipe away the misery
To work out right from wrong
To keep you going on and on
I know that all you really have - is me

Verse 2
I get all the looks, I get all the sighs
It comes to an end and I just hide
Won't keep any friends, any friends this time
Call me up; I'll tear apart the lines


Can I have a time out?
Cos I'm bruised from all of your shouting out
I try my best for you every day
But sometimes I just need to getaway
All you really have - is me



Copyright Eduard Glumov & Charlotte Alexander 2007

Lyrics Charlotte Alexander Music Eduard Glumov
Producer Eduard Glumov Publisher Eduard Glumov
Performance Eduard Glumov Label Eduard Glumov
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