Waiting for That Call

Song Length 3:40 Genre Rock - Classic, Folk - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Waiting For That Call (Music by Eduard Glumov, lyrics by Vivian Pine)

Verse 1
Waiting for that call
Is all he has to gain.
Like colors of a sunset
That'll never stays the same.
His friends become his brothers
Giving him advice.
This, that and the other
Like numbers on a dice.

Chorus 1
Waiting for the call -guessing at a gamble
Which way will he turn waiting for that call?
Waiting for the call - like fire on a candle
Waiting for the call - how long will his fire burn?

Verse 2
Years go by, he stands still
Waiting for that call.
Don't matter, there is time to kill
Before he hits the ball.
One thing leads to another
His life is still the same
Waiting for that call
Is all he has to gain

Chorus 1

Verse 3
One thing leads to another
His life will still remain.
His fire keeps right on burning,
Staying in the game.
This, that and the other
Never knowing where he'll land.
Gambling on the outcome.
He's called the gambling man.

Chorus 2
Waiting for the call - he's on a roll to somewhere,
And where he lands we'll see, waiting for the call.
Waiting for the call - guessing on his numbers,
Waiting for the call to where his life will lead.
Chorus 2

Lyrics Vivian Pine Music Eduard Glumov
Producer Eduard Glumov Publisher Eduard Glumov
Performance Eduard Glumov Label Eduard Glumov
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