The one thing I can say about my music is it is real. I describe alot of situations I have been through in my life. My album talks about the war in iraq, the streets and the politics without siding to anyone. My opinions are just that. I am a writter first and formost. If you are the 55 year old war vet, or the 15 year old runaway listening to my music you can relate. . Sample any song and let me know what you think. all..respect

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"Piece Of Mind" on Damian Deluxe's Album Fallin Soldier has been selected for a soundtrack for the movie"city Teacher".You can google the movie title to see some of your favorite actors like Sam Vincent(Sopranos)and more.

Top ten hip hop #1"Mybaby" #4Fallin Soldier #7Piece Of Mind #10"Livin a Lie" Top 10 rap #4My Baby #9Piece of mind top 10 North west #3 #4#5#top 10 washington #3#4#5#7 04-27-07

hiphop#1 Piece of Mind june 3,2007

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Damian Deluxe AKA DMAC is ready to explode on the scene of hip-hop. DMAC has street smarts with war credibility that handles the mic like a 50 calibar !!!! Although many say he hints of Tupac, he is without question his own Potent sound. Influenced by his own life's experience, the lyrics are riveting because they are real. Coming up as a Veteren of War, Dmac spent a hellish year in combat in Iraq. He has come home, and he’s a ready Warrior with plenty to say. His first CD “Fallen Soldier” exemplifies his feelings about the war experience, his relationships with those he fought with, and his personal struggles. Damian Deluxe is writing rap for the ages. Sic Lyrics and beats that will stand with the Best in time. Dmac charging forward haunting us with the familiar west coast style, while challenging us with the future rap fans deserve. Many nights in Iraq entertaining the troops brought him full swing into the production of his first CD “Fallin Soldier”. “ Fans get ready for This power Blast of Lethal Lyrics and killer beats rippin through your viens, like an addiction... you’ll be screamin for more !

*When you buy this CD, a percentage of all CD’s purchased will be donated to the “National Veteren’s fountation”. NVF has been helping Veterens and their families since 1970. Thank-you for your support !


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