Studiodawgs Productions London is the creative playground of producer and multi-instrumentalist Jim Ferrie. The studio uses Ableton Live (and other DAW platforms), which is perfect for drones, tension cues and orchestral hybrids as well as electronic industrial and also for acoustic and band projects.

Studiodawgs also specialises in acoustic recording for the singer-songwriter and can offer the artist label services, session musician matching, album art and web design matching, full song recording and production and upload to streaming services.

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Sounds Like: Tom Petty, Trent Reznor

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26 May 2020
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Studiodawgs & Jim Ferrie

Studiodawgs Productions is a project studio in London, England owned and operated by Jim Ferrie and has recently developed into a professional operation after years of trial and error and a passion for good music from artists who are fun to work with. The studio uses Ableton Live almost exclusively these days, which is perfect or drones, tension cues and orchestral hybrids as well as electronic inductrial and also for acoustic and band projects. Studiodawgs specialises in singer-songwriter projects and recording promo CD's. We don't do video - as yet!

Jim Ferrie is a multi-instrumentalist and frontman of the blues rock band Jimmy The Dog who appeared at major festivals in England during 2016, including Standon Calling on the same billing as Jess Glynne,Kelis and Suede. He is a past winner of the Belfast Nashville Songwriter's Festival prize and has worked with hit songwriter Mike Myers, known for his work with Billy Ocean, The Prodigy and The Nolans during the 80's and 90's. As a writer, Jim has been previously an element winner in several Broadjam 6-Pack contests and has tracks licensed to Film and TV in the USA.

Licensing successes


"Elephants on Mars","Penguin's First Time" and "Minuette for Ectoparasites in C Major" (instrumentals) licensed by Song and Film Inc. to a major Cable TV network via Broadjam (2 year license now expired).

"Playing in the Key of Relaxation" on hold list with "Jam Party" XBox interactive app.

"Go Rabbit!" and "Someone's Trying To Kill Me" with publisher Crucial Music in Los Angeles via Taxi.

Contest successes

Broadjam Lyric of the Month Contest, May '09
Upstate New York Songwriting Contest 2008 - gospel category
Broadjam 6-Pack 2007 "Location, Location, Location" contest element
IFI Music song contest (Electric Alternative genre) 2007
Belfast-Nashville Songwriter's Festival 2006 (Best love song)
Broadjam Song of the Month (Nov 06)
Music Aid 2007 - National results; Best Male Solo Artist, Best Songwriter & Best Production (Italy)

Bjam 6-pack 2009 "two-timer" contest element
Bjam 6-Pack 2005 'Open to Interpretation' contest element
Music Aid 2006 - Best Songwriter (Italy)

Special Mentions:
Music Aid International Awards 2007
Placed overall 7th, Broadjam 2009 6-pack
Placed overall 10th, Broadjam 2007 6-Pack.
Placed overall 15th in both 2005 and 2008 Broadjam 6-Pack contest.

UK Songwriting Contest 2009 (jazz/blues category)
UK Songwriting Contest 2008 (Gospel and Pop categories - 2 songs)
Upstate New York Songwriting Contest 2008
International Acoustic Music Awards 2007 (folk category)

UK Songwriting Contest 2010 (5 songs in AC, Jazz/Blues and Instrumental categories)
Dallas Songwriters Association 2009
UK Songwriting Contest 2009 (9 songs in pop, rock, folk and open categories)
UK Songwriting Contest (2008 - 8 songs in Jazz/blues, Rock/Indie, Adult Contemporary, Folk and Pop categories - 8 songs) (2006 & 2007 - folk/pop/jazz, 8 songs)


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hey Jim....just in case my playlist adds of Dark Preacher haven't made it quite crystal clear enough, all i have to say is that i want Dark Preacher played at my funeral....and at my wedding, and at my graduation, and at my birth...and at my nomination to asshole of the year...and at my retirement party..and every Sunday morning at brunch in lieu of attending any ceremony of organized religion. you, my good sir, are an effen genius!!!

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Nathaniel, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Good to know you like it so much. Not so sure about the genius bit but, eh what the hey - I'll lap that up too! Thanks my friend!


1 Replies
Phoebe Blume
over 30 days ago

Thank you Mister Ferrie! pb

Jimmy the dog looks like a fabulous dancer! :)

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Thank you Penny! How are you?

Penny Towers
over 30 days ago

Things are pretty good here Jim...Also enjoyed your deep and scary spoken word one with Protilius and Starburst! :)

Penny Towers
over 30 days ago

You have the voice!!!

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