I'm a guitar player and singer. Born in Nowata, Oklahoma my parents, who were both musicians and singers, moved me to San Francisco when I was a baby and there I was raised.
I started playing the Western Swing and country music they played but really got fired up about playing when I heard the recordings of Texas guitar man Freddie King. Although I did get involved with bands playing other forms of pop music, R&b, soul, funk and rock and roll of the 60's and 70's, country music and the blues have been constants and the roots of my playing.
Currently performing in and around El Dorado County and the SF Bay Area with a stand up bass player and drummer doing blues, swing and traditional country as well as gigging with some of the local blues artists.

Thanks for your attention.

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New recordings coming soon. Session booked starting NOV.20 with
great bass and drum team. Yeah I'm excited.

Thanks to the broadjam staff for forwarding my recording of Panhandle Rag to the staff at Guitar Player mag. It was chosen for 3rd place Broadjam/GP picks contest.

Find me on page 28 of the special issuue "15 Awesome Guitar Rigs."


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over 30 days ago to Clint Marrs

For Partnership contact me on my email : Aw2791385@gmail.com

Kate Carpenter
over 30 days ago to Clint Marrs

Hello Clint, thank you for reviewing Armor of God instrumental. It makes a whole lot more sense w/ the vocals (kids!). Tell me whatcha think...Mrs Kate
http://www.broadjam.com/player/player.php?play_file=24409_468592 1

Clint Marrs
over 30 days ago to Clint Marrs

I have just uploaded a new recording I have done with steel guitarist Bruce Kaphan from Fremont, CA. It is a cover of the AWB classic "Pick Up The Pieces". It may be the only guitar version of this tune. I have not put in out for review because it seems that option is not for cover tunes. I hope you will check it out and hope you like it. Let me know, Clint

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