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Folk - Alternative | Madison, Wisconsin, United States
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nazy posted over 30 days ago to The Cardboard Man


The Cardboard Man posted over 30 days ago to Chet Nichols

I'm on to you Chet...Big time...

The Cardboard Man posted over 30 days ago to HtownSmittie

Thanks for the review...On the topic of my song sounding like another song. Every song sounds like another song. Only so many notes in a scale, only so many good chord progressions, Humanity has reached it's musical limits, beyond them it becomes anything but music. Perfect example of this is the youtube video "Four chords, 50 songs" or something along those lines. Good luck with the music man.

HtownSmittie posted over 30 days ago

Great point. Thanks for the comment.

The Cardboard Man posted over 30 days ago to Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

Thanks for the review homie. I thought you really took the time. The instruments used were violin, stand up bass , banjo an drums. All played by me. The lyrics were just me imagining myself as the chicken that supposedly crossed the road and singing about it years later in some smokey barnyard jazz club. lol. Basically my pen never hit the page, this was the second song ive done where I completely freestyled the lyrics. It's supposed to me more some drunk chicken telling this tale, running off on tangents and finally exposing the truth at the end. Thanks for listening and thanks for the good review.

Dave Haddad (CenterPeace) posted over 30 days ago

lolol, that's a funny story, wish I knew the concept before I reviewed it. Good job for your second song!

The Cardboard Man posted over 30 days ago to JAMES

Thanks for the review James! I appreciate the honesty. Keep on keepin' on.

The Cardboard Man posted over 30 days ago to Bobby and Leslie

Thanks for the review of my song! :)

The Cardboard Man posted over 30 days ago to Peter G Olach

Thanks for your review of "Tomorrow I got Fired" What is funny about my music lately is this. For a long time, the majority of my song writing career I avoided swear words constantly. It was only in the past year that I started to not care so much about it. So believe it or not, I am proud of the swear words. I've been dropping F bombs since I was 15 and I've spent 5 years writing music without any in it. So between you and me PGO, I believe I deserved it. :)

Peter G Olach posted over 30 days ago

well, who the FUCK am I to disagree? truth: there is no right or wrong (until somebody wants to interject an opinion) provided harm is not intended nor gain using pain is the rule of the day. you make good music Cardboard Man and wish you nothing less than the best of it!

Bekker Audio Productions posted over 30 days ago

PGO said the F-Word! :)

Thanks for the reviews chuck. I am fairly certain you have done 2 of them. Reviewing music that doesn't fit your personal taste requires a quality not a lot have. You do it well. So big ups to Piano Man Chuck!!

PianoManChuck (Chuck Gilmore) posted over 30 days ago

Thanks for your positive comment! I never felt that personal taste should deter from reviewing... in fact, it ads to it! Music elements are there in every genre... uniqueness, mix quality, etc. While not my personal taste, your music is very well done. I think I reveiwed 3 of your songs ;)

The Cardboard Man posted over 30 days ago to RAFT

Thanks for the review of "The Answer" I never wrote lyrics to the song, just made them up as I recorded. So getting a low review on my lyric quality is expected. Thanks for being honest, and I really have no idea where to put my music on this site. BTW: I play banjo and violin and well, a lot of instruments and I record and mix and write everything on my own. So its just one guy, hence, The Cardboard Man, not Men. Thanks for the comments, Cheers!


Thank for your review on Feeling The Need, Cardboard Man. You may not fully understand song because it is not your average Rap/Hip-Hop song, it was written and produced before the here and now. Listen to the Words again you will get it. This song is speaking about the Rich verses the poor and blindness and the oppression of the little people. Keeping us distracted in media, music, etc. Hope this helps you to understand, and listen again. I will also check out your tunes now bro. Have a great day.

The Cardboard Man posted over 30 days ago

I found the topics you just named to be very classic topics for any song in the hip hop genre. In fact, the lyrics of your song are very Hip Hop, the beat combined with the chorus give it a rap vibe. I've written on said topics many times, In fact most of my lyrics are laced with anti-conformity, anti-government, anti-media, anti-anti. etc. This is actually the obvious line of similarity between folk/rock music in the 60's and Hip Hop in the late 80's to now. Rap in my opinion is the rejected brother of Hip Hop that sold out in the 90's and turned into a freak show after 2000. Real Hip Hop is alive and well...Just gotta look for it, or listen I should say. Thanks Biz, Have a good one!

Trina Bizness (Catrina Bailey) posted over 30 days ago

Good morning Cardboard Man. Thanks for responding to my comment. I can dig it man. You keep up the good work.I checked out a couple of your cuts. That one the day before you lost your job was tight, I really like it. Stay in touch. Peace & Blessings.

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