We're called 2nd Chance Kid. Billy Grannis on guitar, Guy McKeague plays drums and Greg (that's me) on Rebel bass. We're new to Broadjam.

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Please visit our website 2ndchancekid.com. Our first Cd is titled "Dreams Are For Free". Bowl Of Soul Publishing. All songs ASCAP


Wrote two # 1 contemporary hits in Hawaii:
Easy on the Eyes & SurfAsia

ASCAP Writer/Publisher member
Bowl of Soul Publishing

Musical group name: 2nd Chance Kid

8 song Cd under construction at Disc Makers

2nd Chance Kid website under construction with Host Baby

Almost ready!!!!!

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Shepherdess Angie B
over 30 days ago to Gregory Foxx

God Bless You, Gregory
Thanks for giving a review to my latest song:
"Some People" I appreciate the fair and kind
review of this song because I hope and pray
that the lyrics to this song transcend across
the country for the sole purpose of
'Uniting a Community'
and world of people that are different in
character, personality, race, and cultural
orientation, yet make up this entire world
today. Again thanks for your support of
the review, and I take earnest heed to
your comments. I am also glad to know
someone is listening to what I really
convey in this particular song. I do have
a lot to say and hope that my message
in song will continue to show my
heartfelt meaning which is 'People'
who exhibit great confidence and
strength, and my motive is to let
others know there is a healing from
above, especially to the lowly in
heart and wounded in spirit!!

Shepherdess Angie B.

over 30 days ago to Gregory Foxx

Thanx for your review.

Chris Mortensen
over 30 days ago to Gregory Foxx

Gregory: Thanks for the positive review (Old Hat of Chris LeDoux). I am a member of the Western Music Association and the Cowboy Poets of Utah. The market is shrinking for this kind of music, but hey, this is what I do. I appreciate your comments. Chris

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Gregory Foxx
over 30 days ago

Let's bring that market back! And you keep on doin' what you do! Keep it ALIVE brother!

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