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My take on the Blues:
The Blues is not background music. The Blues is not dance music. The Blues is not "in" the moment, because the Blues IS the moment. When the Blues is playing, the true fan isn't interested in conversation. The fan wants to get lost in the music; hearing and feeling every word, every note, and every beat of passion.

2 NEW SONGS! - My 12 song project is taking longer than planned, but it's a blessing in disguise as I found a new studio and sound engineer to work with who is doing much better things with the mix and mastering. - Will be having them remaster the old ones as well. - Posted 2 new songs today, "Where Concrete Meets the Grass" and "You're Crazy But I Love You". Hope y'all like.

My name is Bob Levoy, and I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and music and concert reviewer. I have written over 3500 reviews since the 1980s for my blog Oasis Entertainment and for independent record labels, PR firms, festivals, venues and bands. I write reviews for all genres, except for hip hop, which is not my cup of tea.

In addition to all the independent labels and artists that I have been writing reviews for, I am currently an Author on Staff at Virtuosity Worldwide Arts & Entertainment Magazine, a subsidiary of Virtuosity Worldwide LLC. I write music reviews and do concert and festival interviews and reviews for their magazine.

I will still write reviews for my independent artists and labels in addition to the work I will be doing for Virtuosity Worldwide.

I would also be interested in reviewing your bands music and reviewing your live performance if you are ever in my area. I do not ask for pay for my reviews, I only ask for either a signed Vinyl or CD and an X-large t-shirt that I wear to promote the bands.

You can contact me at one of the links below. Plus, I would love the opportunity to get my vinyl signed the bands.

Bob Levoy
Owner of Oasis Entertainment Blog
Writer for Virtuosity Worldwide Arts & Entertainment Magazine
204 Rainbow Drive
Jonesborough, Tennessee 37659

Beautiful song.

Thank you so much for your review of "Popcorn Sutton's Disaster Relief Fund" and for adding to your playlist. That is quite a compliment, and the reviews are very helpful as I work to grow as a writer, performer, and producer.

OMG! Just listened to "Green Jellybeans"! LOVE IT! I haven't listened to Punk Rock in so long. Reminds me of my college days when I was a bartender/bouncer, and I could take breaks when I wanted to dance with customers. - Very cool!

David James
over 30 days ago to Signal 30

Hi. Thank you for the review of 'Candy Bar'. Glad you like it. Producer Corin and vocalist Ruth take a lot of credit for the final result. Thanks again . David

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David James
over 30 days ago

Chris. I think your message has come to me in error. David

My apologies.

David James
over 30 days ago

No problem.

Thank you so much for your kind review of my track A Western Way Of Thinking. Coming fromn someone who resides in the Mecca of Country music, that is indeed a compliment.

Congratulations on your contest win! Nice song!

Thanks for the review of 'Imaginary Moment'!

Hello Chris, Thanks for the review of When Mama Says No (aka The Walmart Song). I love to sing it at my merch table when a mom refuses to buy something for her kid, ha ha. Have a great day. Thanks again for the review. Mrs. Kate

I enjoy the energy and mood the piano brings to this song. You can feel the "end of innocence". Well done.

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Ionut Mirel Udrea
over 30 days ago

Hi Chris! Thank you very much for taking the time to listen!
All the best!

My 2018 project/album, "The SuBourbon Blues Project" is nearly complete! It will feature 12 new songs, from Blues, to Blues/Rock, to Country. Hope you like!

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2 NEW SONGS! - Well, the 2018 project has taken longer than expected due to schedules and switching to a new studio and sound engineer to work with. BUT I am very pleased with the better finished results with his mix/master skills. 2 New songs posted today! Please let me know what you think. Will be remastering the old ones too. - Hopefully have the first 12 song project done by end of 2020.

I just lost my "NephSon" yesterday morning, as he list control and went off the road. A seasoned rider he was, but we all know there's "that one time." His name is Jason Bell. He is an Army Veteran and Contracted "Mercenary," having served almost 1/2 of his life overseas. This song touched me and I would like to play it during his Celebration of Life.

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Wow! I am so honored that you would like to play my song at his Celebration of Life. I love this song, and I hoped it would touch people. - Prayers for you and your family. I hope the song reaches them too.

over 30 days ago

Thank you so much for your kind words and your "permission!" That song absolutely touched me, to my very core. My NephSon would love it. I'm sure! And, I'm comforted in believing he would appreciate your song played during our celebration, of which, we are planning for early Spring, as he wanted to a "Party on The Beach!" We will play your song and raise a Jack & Coke in his honor!
Thank you again.

Great, very original tune! What fun!

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over 30 days ago

Thanks mate, keep having fun! Nice to meet you and be in touch if you ever need some real Jamaican productions, mixes or any kind of vocals, we're a team of writers/producers/artists.



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