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Bob Luna
over 30 days ago to Fred Kimmel

Thanks for your review of my cue A Cruce Salus.
I look forward to hearing more of youre unique music.
Bob Luna

Bob Luna
over 30 days ago to Sandra Hosgood

I will try to keep this on the lighter side of things in regard to your review of my music.
Also, since I love country music and your song Serenity is a nice song.
Maybe you just joined and are still trying to figure things out.

If you don't know, you are reviewing music that is in the Unique Soundtrack category.
This means Film/TV and could also include Video Game music.
Do you compose for this genre of music?
Judging by your comments I would be inclined to think that you don't.

There are no hooks in film music, there are Themes.
There is a button to the side of the question that says "Not Applicable"
I think that would have been the correct choice to make instead of the low number.

Music for film (in general) is stating a theme and then manipulating the hell out of it thru transposing, inverting, augmenting, dimishing, reharmonizing, orchestrating etc etc.
In regard to Arrangement, generally there are no 8 bar phrases as there are in Contemporary styles like Country.

Most Film Music is instrumental (No Vocal)
Though that might be your preference that shouldn't be a reason for the score given.
Although, there are some great Main Titles and Ending Credits songs with very nice vocals.
One that comes to mind is the Film "A Beautiful Mind" score by James Horner.
The last piece is sung by Charlotte Church.

The piece you reviewed (the Warrior) was entered in a contest that was put on by Broadjam and Keyboard Magazine last year. Thankfully it won 1st prize.

So I hope this is helpful to you in your future reviews.

Bob Luna
Composer/Arranger/Producer/Keyboard ist

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Sandra Hosgood
over 30 days ago

Hello Bob, You are right I am new too all of this, and for that I am sorry. I didn't realize I was in the wrong category for the music I am interested in. I didn't mean to critisize your work. I was wondering if you knew how I could get reviews on my music. Thanks for listnening to Serenity. I listnened to the song again with more of an open mind. Great job..Take care Sandra

Moovdacrowd Productions
over 30 days ago to Bob Luna

I appreciate your review of "Bassline Jazz". Taking your advice on board and will try that idea immediately to see the difference! It's SO nice to get an in-depth review. Trulay enjoyed your "The Uninvited" piece, by the way! I hope to hear more from you!

Terry Grinde
over 30 days ago to Bob Luna

Per your review of my song "Diamond Light", I have been playing music professionally for over 35 years - the song was written as a jingle for a commercial and sounds exactly as it was intended to sound - elementary, my dear Watson. Thanks for your input. Terry Grinde

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