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Over 30 of Moovdacrowd's works have been in Broadjam's Top 100, most of them in the Top 50 and several in the Top 10 of its genre...with one being in the top 10 of Broadjam EARTH!!!
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Moovdacrowd Productions...representing OHIO and showcasing the MAD talent that it has!!! Moovdacrowd Productions is branching out from primarily working with artists into soundtracks/scores, video game music and music for artistic productions and exhibitions, but will continue to offer tracks to those headed for the record deal.

Some of Moovdacrowd's tracks were used in performances by local artists at the Juneteenth Festival in '04 in Columbus, Ohio.
Moovdacrowd Productions also completed a project at the Wexner Center for the Arts at THE Ohio State University in Feb. '08, working with world famous artist James Kerry Marshall, his wife, actress Cheryl Lynn Bruce and internationally known percussionist/jazz musician Kahil El' Zabar.

Moovdacrowd Productions is always open to critique...criticism only helps to improve on craft, so if you think that there's something that could be changed, added or should be deleted...SAY SO! Moovdacrowd is always open to networking/compilations with other producers as well!.

If interested in music for ANY need, please feel free to email Moovdacrowd Productions at



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At the risk of getting in a unfortunate and uneccesary argument I think that jazz by it's nature has always been a nearly undefinable genre. Dixieland or Pharoah Sanders- Sam Rivers or Kenny G- now that's a true waste of breath and brain to argue. Jazz has always provoked this kind of thing because by it's probably the most self-indulgent kind of music-
you know- let's get this tune out of the way so I can play a really complicated solo. Of course that is my biased opinion, like all opinions about music, because it's just like religion and politics. Nobody wants you to step on THEIR toes- it's so personal.
I listened to a bunch of your stuff and maybe there should be a new category- Music Construction. You build your tunes out of many pre-formed parts, just like a producer puts it together or an painter puts the colors together to form the image. That is certainly a big piece of today's business and your tunes sound very contemporary and marketable to me even if they're not my cup of tea. So keep doin' it- it's the only way to get better at this . My dream is to be good at what I do and then to try and get better. I wish you good luck and success!

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Moovdacrowd Productions
over 30 days ago

Thank you so much for the confidence, Rob! That was well said. I am a producer...I've never claimed to be a die-hard musician...I just like making music/instrumentals/tracks in different basic genres with an urban feel added to them. I enjoy the fusion; sometimes it works, sometimes not. And I wasn't arguing with Mr. Pulin over the genre, at all; as he said in the post, he has decades of experience in his genre. I applaud that. This whole thing was about the REVIEW of the song...not what genre he thought it should be in. He simply bashed the actual review of it. That's the issue...and it happens too often on B'jam from what I can see from others' post boards. There's no reason for it. Music is personal, but to those who want to be really good at making it, these reviews are so helpful when they actually contain some real info and TRUE constructive criticism. thanks again for your post!

Da Governor of Crunk
over 30 days ago

Don't mean to pry but I agree! If someone rates me low I expect some in depth criticism about what they didn't like. Not just a blank box in an effort to push them past me on the charts. Music shouldn't ever be about trying to cheat your way to the top cause at the end of the day the fans speak about what's good music and what's garbage! I ALWAYS give an explanation if i'm critical of a record or a track. It's only right! I don't expect everyone to like my music so i'm always willing to hear some critical things. No hard feelings either it only helps me get better!!! Peace ya'll!

Thanks for the review of "Things Are Not Right." I am a relatively new producer and I appreciate, welcome, and need to hear the constructive criticism. Thanks!

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