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over 30 days ago to Roy Elkins

Hey Roy. I've been trying to get my music at top notch and would like to see if you can review my hip hop instrumental "Move Me." I'm looking to see if the quality and overall production is good enough for the music industry as far as getting it licenced. If so I'll know I'm on the right path, I just need another ear. Thanks.

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Roy Elkins
over 30 days ago

Here is my review of Move Me:
From a mix perspective, it's very good. Sound selection is excellent and you have a nice feel for blending them. It's a little more difficult blending sounds with fast attacks and you've done a good job here. The bass guitar sound slightly out-of-tune in places, probably the velocity on the keyboard is tweaking the pitch a little. I would check this.

If it was going on a record, you should probably contact a mastering engineer and tweak the overall mix a little. But I do think it's pretty good. If this is the final production and arrangement, It could probably be used as a queue in a tv show, public radio, etc. as is.

From a song production and arrangement perspective, I would recommend that you keep working it and developing it. There is basically one loop with an additional sound added for about 20 seconds at two places in the song. There are no peaks and valleys and no dynamic changes. I think you have a good strong loop, but keep developing it. Add some breaks, some other instrumentals to build it and maybe even some choral effects.

When the dulcimer like sound hits at 47 seconds, it enhances the feel. Then it drops out at 1:09. If it was my production, I think I would have left it in and let it build. It comes back in at 1:57 and leaves at 2:17. Song ends at 2:27 with 14 additional seconds of blank space at the end. Most listeners would remove this from their playlist as they would not want to listen to 15 seconds of nothing. Remove the blank space.

I get the feeling this is one of those pieces that the writer has a hard time adding to it. It's very good, but if it's going to evolve into a more advanced production, it needs more development. I've had a few pieces over the years that I just couldn't seem to add a chorus or bridge that was up to par with the rest of the piece. The best thing to do in that scenario is to bring in a co-writer and let them interpret. In this case, it's a strong piece but maybe give this to a couple of friends and ask them to add a part and see if works for you.

Overall, good piece of work and probably could be placed as is, but needs to be developed more for the song market. Hope this helps, Roy

By the way, I spent 10 years of my life in Philly. Lots of good people there. 1

Ian Mathews
over 30 days ago to Stridd

Thanks for that killer review of my song "Brain Storm". It is extremely useful.

over 30 days ago to Stridd

Big thanks for your review of "Rock" a release under my drumschool alias.Please feel free to keep upto date with future drumschool releases via my broadjam profile page.

John Jay Pelsone
over 30 days ago to Stridd

Dude... "My Place" Heavy Duty Track:) Jay10

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