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R & B - Soul | San Francisco, California, United States
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Ron Parks posted over 30 days ago to Earl.C.Webb

Hey Earl. I will be coming to England next year to hangout in the music scene. My wife gave me a hall pass to make a go at music. I'm here in Hollywood now and they are trying to get me to do shows, but I only have 1 or 2 shows left in me and I'd rather do them in Europe. I would love to hook up with you when I get there. Take care. Ron

Earl.C.Webb posted over 30 days ago

Hi Ron.hope you're good.
Let me know your plans

Ron Parks posted over 30 days ago to Ron Parks

It's only my oppinion. I've gotten reviews from it sucks to outstanding on the same song. I listen to songs as if they were a single. To me a "movie song" is not a good single.
Please learn to take criticism, even if you think it's stupid. It's only 1 data point. If you only hear it once then ignore it. If you hear the samething multiple times, then maybe it needs to be heeded. The stupid one make the good ones even sweeter. I was not trying to be cruel.

LuV-R posted over 30 days ago

well that's a misconstrued concept! MARKET POTENTIAL... there are several markets and if your song is doing well in TV/FILM or even radio remember all of those mediums are markets.. Someone can make more movie by movie placements as oppose to selling s single. Keep that in mind! Open up your thinking! There are plenty of singles what industry labels thought were hits to have them turn out as flops. SO again whatever market it is... does it have a market potential? Thanks and yes you are the only one to give a low rating on that end.. so I'll do as you say and ignore it! The other thing is you tout like you give criticism.. why not in your review you leave some pointers.. like hey this can be fixed? or trying adding more drums? the piano could be a bit more aggressive here.. (EXAMPLES).. anyway thanks!

Ron Parks posted over 30 days ago

When I think about a 'marketable single' I say to myself "If this song came on the radio, would I turn it up and listen." You could listen to my music and say"'He's got a nerve, his stuff sux"
It is easier to criticize than it is to create. I could never come close to creating a piece as complicated as yours. I don't know enough to tell you how I would improve it. You are obviously a very talented person. What we do is subjective and not everyone is going to "get us". Smokey Robinson said the first think songwriters should develope is a thick skin.
Believe me when someone doesn't like my product, it stings. But if I don't see any valuable tid bits in their critizism I let it go.

LuV-R posted over 30 days ago

I get where you are coming from. Yes, I've received unfavorable reviews many times however its usually constructive and I embrace those no matter how hard it may be to take. So that's not an issue for me. My skin is very tough. However, I get bothered when something doesn't make any sense. There you go again narrowing what is meant by "Marketability". You can be so narrow minded to say single market. What if this song can sell an emotion or scene in a movie or Advertisement. I am only tellin u think to broaden your scope on the issue. There's a bigger world than radio. Just keep that in mind for other reviews.

LuV-R posted over 30 days ago

And lastly. You were rating an instrumental therefore how can u use your narrow judging for just "radio" purposes. Who releases insrtrumentals to radio for major spins? Think about that. Now how many instrumentals do u hear behind movies/advertisments/websites. Therefore my point being think broader about marketability.

LuV-R posted over 30 days ago to Ron Parks

I dont get your review. How can you say "Made for You" instrumental can be great for a FILM and then give it a 1/5 for market potential. WOW!!! Also this is RnB listen to the version with vocals.. Also listen to classics by Whitney Houston or Mariah carey with this similar style. MC - Without You or Whitney Houston's - I Look to You. Thanks for the terrible/strange review. I will be reporting you to Broadjam. Thanks!

dbrown posted over 30 days ago

He's a bitter soul. Did the same thing to me. Be sure to mention abuse on my behalf as well.

LuV-R posted over 30 days ago

I notice.. It's sad though!

MELVIN BARHAM posted over 30 days ago

A lot of people take this review thing to seriously. They think that if they give a good or great song a bad review, it gives them a better chance @ top 10. The reviewing process here is greatly flawed. Just keep reporting it.

des flynn posted over 30 days ago

in the past 4 weeks ive had 3 reviews scrapped by broadjam as they were deemed non constructive...

Tony Chetta posted over 30 days ago

who are we talkin about? some guy named elester steele, I think, gave me a pretty bad review too. how do you get songs on the top 10?

dbrown posted over 30 days ago

Activate the songs you want reviewed (by clicking the red shield beside em) and then do as many reviews as possible.

Tony Chetta posted over 30 days ago

oh ok, thanks. so the more reviews you do, the more you get?

dbrown posted over 30 days ago to Ron Parks

Harsh comments and scores won't advance your played out career. Please evolve. If Charlie Wilson can do it, so can you. Thanks for nothing.

Ron Parks posted over 30 days ago to Radiation Mountain

Great review of 'Like This' Thank you. I agree with you suggestion on the drums. Someday I'm going to remix ALL my tunes. I've learned a lot over the last 6 years from people like you.

Radiation Mountain posted over 30 days ago

I enjoyed that tune a lot!!! Best of luck!

Ron Parks posted over 30 days ago to Elegant

Hey Elegant, Thanks for the review of 'Platonic Sex'. You and I have the same asperations. I just want to write songs for REAL singers. I bascially a lyricist. Good luck to you brother.

Ron Parks posted over 30 days ago to Linda Golasky

Thank you for your encouraging reveiw of 'Long Time Coming'. I listen to your music and it made me stop what I was doing. I just kicked back and enjoyed it. I listen to every song. "Easy Listening" is eactly what it was. Good luck to you. Ron

Linda Golasky posted over 30 days ago

Hi Ron! Thanks for the connection and so happy you liked the music! Someday I hope to write music like yours!

Ron Parks posted over 30 days ago to Manipulate Sound

Thank you Sweetheart for your honest review of "Who's Your Daddy'. I have more fun writing the songs than singing them. I wish I had started singing earlier, then I would know how to "bring it" you'd be surprised, or maybe not, how many people think I am holding back. I wish I was, but that's the best I can do :-) for now. Good luck to you.

Ron Parks posted over 30 days ago to 12

Hey Sirfreddie I wanted to thank you for your positive review of 'Daddies Need Huggin'. It always a good feeling when someone likes a song that you've written; which I'm sure you are aware of. And even when someone dosen't like a song, it makes the positive revews evern sweeter.Good luck to you.

12 posted over 30 days ago

wazz up

HuskyRecords.TV posted over 30 days ago to Ron Parks

Thanks Ron for your review of 'Feels Good' & if your serous about collaborting e-mail me @
HUSKYRECORDS.COM sign the guestbook. I like your music.

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