I probably lean closest to what would be called Americana or maybe singer/songwriter. There's usually going to be an acoustic guitar somewhere and an electric punctuating and maybe even a keyboard somewhere. I've played in bands for years with varying degrees of success and/or enjoyment, but the thing I that remained true through all of it was an enjoyment of songwriting. All elements from the impossible blank page to the finished result and everything in between. I can usually come up with something around any subject and I like to be challenged in a way I'm not used to.

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Released an EP of 5 songs on my own called The Cadillac Sessions

Clay Sparks

I like making up songs. I put Country-Americana as my primary genre, but only cuz that was as close as I could find. I'm probably not legitimately country. I prefer the idea of Americana, but then of course probably the most accurate description is singer/songwriter. Or as a friend of mine put it, 'singer/songwhiner.' Songwriting is probably the only thing I feel any real confidence doing. Misplaced or not. I think my favorite thing is at the beginning when there's an idea. But I also love the process of working it out, not knowing if it's gonna turn out any good. And I'm scared shitless every time I finish a song, that it's the last one I'll ever write.

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