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NEW TRANCE/DANCE Single CJ Bomb & Tom Moon feat. Orelie White "I have never forgotten you", and NEW DISCO/FUNK Album CJ Bomb feat. Orelie White" Follow your heart" now available in all online-stores!

CJ Bomb & Orelie White

CJ Bomb, austrian producer and Rag Squad Music label owner, former A&R Manager, he co-founded LXounds/LXrecords record studio and in 1999 founded Rag Squad Music, a virtual international music label.

Orelie White born in Montreal, Canada, tour currently in Europa where she met the successful producer and manager CJ BOMB, owner of the music label RAG SQUAD Music. She started studying theater at high school while singing in the school choir where she became known as the little girl with the BIG VOICE. She continued pursuing her studies in theater at Marie-Victorin College and earned her degree in the same field at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal, all the while performing in various cover bands throughout Montreal. Orelie White, this incredibly talented young artist, never fails to enthral her audiences and next to performing, is increasingly requested as studio singer.

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