Chuck Hurley is poised and ready to knock the funk out of you. Or, rather, he's gonna put it back in if you ain't already got it. And if you have the spirit of funk already within you, well, Hurley's about to wake it up. This funk rocker boasts a sound that would blow James Brown away. Energy and soul ripple all through Hurley's music. It's irresistible in the highest degree. Hurley's purpose in life is music. When he's involved in music - be it writing, performing, recording, etc. - he feels fulfilled and like he's filling his niche in life. His music is certainly evidence that it's what he's supposed to be doing. Hurley's songs are thick with funk and highly accessible, leaving them open to enjoyment by a broad range of listeners. "If it moves you, my job is done." That's his sole goal - stirring people."

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Just writing and recording. =)
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