I am a singer-songwriter and producer based in London. I have recently released 5 new songs in my latest ep - Nightingale. It will become clear upon listening to my songs that I like to tell stories and take listeners on a journey. Each song and each journey is different. I fuse my folk roots with electronica and orchestral arrangements to create epic music that hopefully get under the skin. It impossible to ever get the genre right as each song is different...but I guess my music is a combination of alternative folk, with electro ambient elements combined with an indie/alternative pop type twist - whatever that means :-)

I hope you enjoy! Chantitown x

Latest News

My song Cause and the Cure has just been announced as the winner of Songwriter Universe's 'Song Of The Month' it really is such an awesome feeling to have respected judges pick a song written by little old me! Over the moon. https://www.songwriteruniverse.com/chantitown-187.htm

Mastering four new tracks in the studio for EP 3 and can't wait to share!

Thank you for listening.

The Journey...

British singer-songwriter and producer Chantitown will be sharing her upcoming EP, "Nightingale" released independently on 14th December. Earlier this year, Chantitown released her debut EP, "Cause and The Cure", which was co-produced and co-composed with Jim Hustwit (Universal Music, National Theatre, Almeida Theatre) who also holds credit as People's Music Award Film and Music Composer.

Her debut EP was met with great acclaim and it's not surprising that Chantitown subsequently gained support from tastemaker publications such as CLASH Magazine, Music Week, Paste Magazine and Guitar Girl Magazine.

With an extraordinary desire to create timeless material that knows no boundaries or limitations, London-born Chantitown combines empowering and inspiring music with her genuinely gifted lyricism and storytelling abilities, a skill she developed whilst writing expressive poetry at the early age of only thirteen.

Chantitown takes inspiration from iconic singer-songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Carol King and Tracy Chapman, to the electronic and trip-hop sounds of Massive Attack, Portishead and MGMT and, stylistically, her sound can be compared to current artists Lorde, Bat For Lashes, Aurora, Sia and Lamb.

Chantitown begins her mesmerising "Nightingale" EP with a tale of her nomadic journey through life in "Road That Never Ends", flawlessly fusing folk, electronica, dream pop and orchestral arrangements into an unforgettable track. "Wise Man" draws the listener in closer, sharing Chantitown's emotive and complex songwriting in a piece of music that asks important questions about the world in beautifully formed lyrical phrases and metaphors. The mood is then taken to an anthemic place with the third track, "River", as each chorus swells and builds with layered vocals, gentle but tenacious percussion and onomatopoeic guitar picking. "Bridges" is a track that is bursting with introspection and clarity, while the last track of the EP, "Far Side Of The Moon" acts as the perfect ending of a powerful selection of songs; gracefully, Chantitown ends off with a poignant and uplifting message, telling the listener, "You're not alone tonight..."

The upcoming release of "Nightingale" will be an audible invitation for each and every person out there to join her as she boldly moves forward to the next level. Versatile, beautiful, haunting, melodic, and real - Chantitown has a dynamic approach to songwriting that shines a bright light on the immaculate way she combines her insightful lyricism with flowing emotions in the music that tug strongly at our heartstrings while enchanting and enticing the ears.

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Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to Chantitown

Hi, Just been checking out your songs in the England chart and just love your songs, wonderful production and performance. So original. Lots of luck, you deserve it. Bob

Tony DiPofi
over 30 days ago to Chantitown

Chantitown - Far Side of The Moon - what a fantastic song congrats on your creative work - Tony D

Tony DiPofi
over 30 days ago to Chantitown

Chantitown - "River "- you have the rare talent of entwining
Expressive music with poetry - " I kissed the poison from your lips " Congrats and Cheers Tony DiPofi

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

I just read this...thank you Tony so kind of you to write and give me amazing feedback :-) I've been writing poetry since I was 13 long before writing songs. I love playing with words and using my voice as one would any instrument to tell a story and take the listener on a journey. I'm so thrilled a fellow musician can see just that. Thank you again.

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