i like to sing others' songs more than my own or collaborate to songs being worked on already because I prefer a lot more variety . My training is musical theater with a lot of influence from my own preferred genres to hear, trance, house, industrial, dark wave, trip hop, almost any EDM related DJ remixable vibe. But also acappela, folk, soundtrack and Disney/Pixar/etc. vocals for characters. Some of my faves are Depeche Mode, Tori Amos, VNV Nation/Ronan Harris, Within Temptation, Brioni Faith (industrial examples), classic rock. I am a mezzo-soprano. I'm interested in mainly studio work, trade or paid, as long as it's professional quality and legit.


Latest News

I  am currently  working on my next real  real CD and single releases and some demos.
   I am collaborating virtually with DJs, producers, songwriters, composers , and other vocalists in Canada, Germany, and local to me (Southern  California.)  These will be professional  tracks: Trance, Hardstyle, Industrial/Synthpop, Hard Dance, and I will probably make most.of the acapellas available for remixes..

Those will all be originals. 

I also want to remake/redo several classic songs so I will need EDM dance arrangements. 

The tracks are initially  self published but will be submitted to several labels,  specific jobs, etc.   They will.be a lot newer and professional than my current tracks and I want to use them to try to get more paid, professional recording gigs,  licensing, played Iive in DJ sets and hopefully other good things.

Cami's Press Info

Cami placed at least three original songs that will be remixed on trance compilations in summer 2005. "Desperately Seeking You" (written by Noel Cohen/Emory Songs, April Start, and Neil Krin)
was selected in the top 5 songs for Vocalists of the Month at www.SingerUniverse.com.

Some reviews from Broadjam:
"Like the song, well written. Good piano. Has all the right verses bridges and chorus in the right places. "

"Love her voice. Sounds like part of a Broadway musical. The piano arrangement sounds nice also."

"I like the female vocals meshing with the hard edged electronic music. Its a very cool contradiction of styles. Piano was nice to hear in the mix."

"fekn sweet tune. Good to see tekno and music evolving. Very unique and original. Perfect for the dance floor."


"high potential, great for clubs and dj's"

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Sarah McLachlan, Dido, Jewel, BT, DJ Sammy, Paul Oakenfold, t.A.T.u., Lasgo, Jan Johnston, Ian van Dahl, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Fisher, Lauren Christy, Evanescence, Sting, Tiesto, DJ Sammy

Cami - Los Angeles trance & more

Cami has been singing for 15 years and writing/recording for two years. Her main interests are vocal trance, vocal upbeat house, and electronica vocals (providing acappela tracks for their remixes), and adult contemporary pop/rock.

In 2004-2005 she placed "Not the End" for remix for Certified Music's dance compilation CD, as well as "Come My Way" for J. Edwards indie film company. She is also still working on remixes of "How Many Times," "Not the End," and a producer's origninal for a trance compilation CD due out in a couple months. Her original hard trance song "Anything for You" was included in "NetShow's Program Four Compilation," http://www.netshows.us in April 2005.

She also is in a new acoustic band in SoCal called Kinetic Tapestry, as lead female vocalist, www.kinetictapestry.com, doing classic rock, modern rock/alt, adult contemporary, and original works. They perform about once a week in the LA area. Their show schedule is listed at their site and Cami's own site.

Her own pages are http://www.cami.net and http://www.myspace.com/cami

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