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For news on myself , check out : www.twitter.com/hendry_callum

For myself singing me and William Oliphant's Synth-pop songs
at : http://www.jango.com/music/CALLUM+HENDRY
For myself singing more songs written by myself , also for myself singing more songs written with William Oliphant.Also for myself singing songs written with John Hamilton : www.soundcloud.com/callumhendry-1
You are also welcome to enjoy listening to songs in songs section
of this website , written by myself and also written by myself and other composers/writers/producers.The songs here are mostly sung by session vocalists.As well as songs sung by myself.

Callum Hendry
June , 2017

Latest News

At the moment , I am trying to get a record deal for myself , as well as plugging my songs I have written by myself or songs I have written with other composers / producers , to get recorded by other recording artists.


Since the year 2001 , I have been having professional music productions of my songs by various US music production demo services. In the fall of 2001, I had one of my songs played on Moray Firth Radio. This is a Acoustic Rock song called ' I Shiver ' . It was produced by Jeff Severson , at his studio in Arlington , Virginia , USA. A session singer sung it.

My ' Boyfriend ' song has been a Finalist in Adult Contemporary category May 2006 :
http://www.songoftheyear.com/winners/2006/052006.htm, this song is produced by Ken Barken Productions in Nashville , USA. This song is written by myself. My ' Boyfriend ' song is a female gender specific song sung by a session female vocalist.This song also got to number five on the Hitzone chart on the now defunct theindustryresource.com , in early August , 2006. This song has a R&B/Hip Hop/Soul feel to it.

My ' To Be With You ' song , written by myself ( lyrics ) and Willie Oliphant( music ).Willie Oliphant produced this song at his studio in Inverness , Scotland.The first version of this song become a February 2006 Finalist in Electronic / Dance category February 2006 www.songoftheyear.com/winners/2006/022006.htm
Also Electronic category 2007 Honorable Mentions - Session I jlsc.com/winners/2007a/hms.php

Me and John Hamilton's song ' You're An Angel Made In Heaven ' got to number one on the Hitzone chart on the now defunct : theindustryresource.com in early August , 2006. This song is written by myself ( lyrics ) and John Hamilton ( music ).

I have also written songs with Waterbury , Connecticut based producer , Bobbi Tammaro .A song called ''Everybody's Watching Her '' is published by John Sansone Music Defensive Music Ltd Defensive Music Publishing.Bobbi has got me offered publishing agreements for other songs as well.

I have also had done various remixes done , of me and Willie Oliphant's songs , also songs written between me and John Hamilton between 2015-2017 by a remixer in various genres : Trap , Trance ,Tropical House , EDM , Future Pop + RNB and Electro-House

You can hear me singing my songs and also songs I've written with William Oliphant , also songs I've written with John Hamilton at : soundcloud.com/callumhendry-1

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