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"Rock Music is from the Devil!" Kris was told by his well meaning religious parents. He was repeatedly sneaking the radio under his pillow at night, recording himself announcing songs from the radio as the DJ, and playing music loud while his parents were away. Was he attracted to the devilish beat, or was he just made for it and unable to escape music's call?

Maybe it was tragic, or maybe just ironic, when he adopted the religious beliefs of his parents and abstained from Rock n Roll. During this time he listened almost exclusively to Classical music and developed a love for Mozart and Bach.

As a kid, at his mother's firm suggestion he had joined a children's chorale which he secretly began to enjoy. He also demonstrated instrumental chops playing the clarinet when he made second chair in his school band his first year. He discontinued clarinet and the chorale when his family moved.

Kris was home schooled from 4th through 12th grades. As a required course of study he was thrown in to piano lessons. His first teacher quit because of his lack of interest. But by the twelfth grade with a new teacher he had also begun taking voice lesson and genuinely began to enjoy both singing and piano. But he had already chosen law as his field of interest.

It was years into his law training, sitting with an open book, when he felt a strong desire to begin writing songs. He eventually dropped out of law school realizing his heart wasn't in it. He began listening to whatever music he could find. He bought a bass guitar and began playing in band. He joined the Washington Area Music Association upon a move to Virginia (spurred by his studies). Playing some small gigs, he began writing more and more songs for guitar and piano.

Kris believes after years of writing and finding his voice, he is finally beginning to write songs which suit him and express his raw emotional style. He is now less interested in the devil (and whether or not he has a musical preference), and more interested in making music that moves him and maybe even one day tempt some poor kid to sneak a radio under his pillow.

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