Singer/ Songwriter Warren Bacci is a new and up and coming artist who has worked with many top producers in Sweden. He is also a trained and accomplished actor on both Film and Theatre. Also check out AND

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Warren Bacci

I am a 24 singer/songwriter and I used to be part of a boy band for 2 years called: 3rd Element. We performed at many road-shows and events all over the UK, completed a 2 month schools tour and toured with 5ive. We also recorded a music video with the legendary Alice Cooper. We decided to split as we never managed to get the appropriate record deal. I decided therefore to go solo and I have been recording and writing songs in Stockholm. I have worked with top writer/producers, such as: Steve Evans, who has massed over 4 million in sales and worked with the likes of Lulu, Gabrielle, Sonia and Boney M. Grammy Winning Thomas Ahlstrand who has worked with may top producers including Andreas Carlsson and also another Grammy winner Dennis Morgan who has written songs for Faith Hill, Rod Stewart, Cliff Richard, Garth Brooks and also the huge world-wide number 1: Knew you were waiting for George Michael and Aretha Franklin with over 900 hits released and over 20 number one hits! I describe my music as Raw Pop with a Funky R&B feel. You can also check: for more information and further info.

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