Blame it on Cain releases their new EP, Doggie Bag on January 12th, 2024! Previous releases include Implied Maturity (2022), Amp Grease (2019), Big Down Under (2017), and Rhythm Schism (2008).

Sounds Like: Seven Mary Three

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Veteran rockers Blame It On Cain recently returned with their fourth LP, “Implied Maturity,” and there’s a purity about it that is hard to replicate. With to the point, sturdy acoustic guitars and an honest vocal performance, these nine songs have almost an americana feel to them. It’s certainly a summertime record, with plenty of bright tones reminding you of the warmer days where life moves just a little slower to soak everything in. Being the band’s first record in three years, it’s apparent that there’s some care put into this particular songwriting. 

- Allen Halas
Breaking & Entering Milwaukee

Blame It On Cain

Blame It On Cain formed in the outskirts of Milwaukee in January 2007. The quartet's original, straight-forward hard rock and pop songs have been compared to acts like Stone Temple Pilots and Seven Mary Three.

In April 2008, Cain released their debut album 'Rhythm Schism'. The 10-song CD has something for everyone; from the crowd-pleasing romp of "Yesterday's Happy" to the mellow glow of "Wish I Knew". From the heavy thud and thwack of "12-Gauge Handshake" to the pop crush of "Atuna"; no rock music fan will be left disappointed. The CD is available everywhere and on most streaming services.

Cain's success stretches beyond the critcally-acclaimed CD. In August 2008, Versailles Records included one of Cain's songs on a compilation CD that was packaged with the Guns 'n Roses tribute record "Double Talkin' Jive", sold in stores nationwide. From retail to radio - Cain was a featured artist twice on the Milwaukee rock 'n roll station WQBW 97.3 FM and later on the award-winning FatCat Radio ( "Yesterday's Happy" landed in the Top 20 at the Austrailian, while another track from 'Rhythm Schism', "Close Our Eyes", hit #3 on a Broadjam chart ( Also, the band played an acoustic gig with Brian Vander Ark of the Verve Pipe, in summer 2007; and even sat in on a couple of songs with the multi-platinum selling artist.

But it isn't just the music industry that is taking note of Blame It On Cain. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ran a piece on the band in March 2008 and the animated series, "Chowdaheadz", featured on YouTube, announced it will be using some of Cain's songs in an upcoming full-length animated feature slated for a December 2009 release. The cartoon already uses a Cain tune ("Miami Beach") as its theme song.

They released their 2nd album, Big Down Under on April 29th, 2017.

They released their 3rd album, Amp Grease in spring 2019.

They released their 4th album, Implied Maturity, which is their first acoustic rock album.

Blame It On Cain is made up of veterans of the local and regional music scene: Sam Boettcher (vocals), Steve Draganchuk (guitar), Chris Trotier (bass), Rob S (guitar) and Rich Seegert (drums). The band plays across the Milwaukee - Chicago - Rockford region fusing rock 'n roll elements of the 70's, 80's and 90's into a fresh, yet familiar sound wrapped into its fun and energetic shows.


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Bill Dake
over 30 days ago to Blame It On Cain

Appreciate the review of "Baby Said Bye, Bye". Older tune, recording, back in my reel to reel days.
Thanks again,

Ante Novaselic
over 30 days ago to Blame It On Cain

Hello Blame it on Cain
First and foremost: Cool band name. I dig it!
Second: Thank you very much for the words and very nice review of my song Yesterday (U didn't have much to say). Me and that song go way back to 1999 so it makes me happy when people give it a good review. We all get old, but getting a good review never ever seems too. haha!! Cheers
and Thx again


Ante Novaselic

Hey all,
Thanks so much for the review of my song "I Got Nothin' ". You're spot-on (and have very astute ears) with Megan's vocal. That note she hits in the fade is crazy! To her defense, she really didn't have a lot of time to prep and/or perform that song. I think she (and I) played it a bit "safe" with her vocal tracks. But that one did kinda come out of nowhere in good way!

Anyway, thanks again for listening with detail, and providing meaningful comments.

I'll check out some of your music... be well!


1 Replies
Blame It On Cain
over 30 days ago

Thanks for the message. Will definitely be checking out your other songs as well.

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