Bigger in Person could, in fact, be bigger or smaller in person. But in the studio, Bigger in Person is mostly a two-man collaboration.

Josh Jedwab writes all of the group's music, much of its lyrics, provides vocals and plays keyboards and some bass.

Fred Kimmel provides vocals, all of the guitars and drums, some bass and is also the group's recording engineer.

Bigger in Person boasts a wide range of musical influences from The Beatles and Elton John through Barenaked Ladies and the Killers. The range of stylistic influences include pop, rock, latin, gospel and swing.

Josh lives in New City with his wife, Dawn, his two amazing children, Julianne (14) and Justin (11) and a Bedlington Terrier puppy named Ziggy. Fred Kimmel, his family, his studio and production company, WUJ Productions are located in his home in the Bronx. Fred, and his partner Sali Oguri, are amazing musicians and each also has a Broadjam site.
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