Story Behind The Song

Wrote this in 1975 after seeing a movie ( which I don't remember).

Song Description

Simple; boy meets girl, falls in love, girl has a few affairs on the side while professing she only loves him...boy finds out....

Song Length 3:29 Genre Rock - General, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Suspicion Language English
Era 1970 - 1979



Music & Lyrics : Bill Dake ASCAP
Originally written 1975: Bill Dake
Re-write 2020: Bill Dake

I KNOW what you're thinkin'
I can read that look, you're an open book
I KNOW what you're plannin'
You can't hide behind those innocent eyes
I KNOW what's been cookin'
I can name that dish that's been growin' cold
I KNOW what you're thinkin'
And it's not good

I KNOW where you're goin'
It's no big surprise, not hard to analyze
You've been recently driftin'
Into another place where there isn't space
For we two to tango
Seems a different band has taken to the stand
I KNOW what you're thinkin'

I've known all along
That you'ld slip away to sing your siren song
To someone new, but it won't be long
'Till you sneak back to me
Like you've done nothin' wrong

Alone in the quiet
Workin' out my revenge
Seeing a vision
Of your dark and empty bitter end
I may not pull the trigger
But you'll never know for sure
If you knew what I'm thinkin'
It's not good

Very cool JAZZ tune IMO...not rock to me, but very cool jazz! Very different for us on Bjam! I dig it daddy!
Like the change-ups in pace/tempo, very cool and jazz-like...I dig it a lot!

Very interesting chord progression and nice instrumentation. I would absolutely re-categorize this as Jazz vs. "Easy Listening Rock"

Cool sound on the electric piano. Very cool kind of a through back vibe to the days of big band sound. Singer has a great voice. I really like the way the guitar weaves in and out of the melody. Really good feel to the song as whole. The mix was very well balanced and well produced. I truly enjoyed the listen, thank for sharing it.

Lyrics Bill Dake Music Bill Dake
Producer Bill Dake Publisher Self
Performance Bill Dake
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