Dead Moon

Song Description

"A woman languishes alone, afraid to open up and embrace intimacy with the one she loves most, and in loneliness she hopes that a miracle will intervene to breach the gap between them", Jeff Roberts / Jeff Roberts was inspired to write his own version and it's pretty darned awesome. Check it out on his page here on broadjam! / Mastered by CMI Music Group

Song Length 3:19 Genre Folk - Alternative, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant, Moving Subject Relationship, Loneliness
Language English Era 2000 and later


I hear it in your voice
I look unfazed but I'm good at pretending
I see it in your eyes
The light you saw around me is fading

Once upon a time
You loved me like I gave you purpose
You could make me shine
But I didn't let you under the surface

And I pulled away
When you said you'd stay

I hope that you'll understand soon
Why I orbit you like a dead moon

There's a reason I
Choose to be here safe and warm
I won't disturb the tide
If I get too close I'll cause a storm

So I'm out in space
In my hiding place


I know it's hard to navigate
Distance between us I create
But you should know I love you


Lyrics Dianne MacAdam Music Dianne MacAdam
Producer John DiSanto / Sound Mind Studio Performance Dianne MacAdam-Lead & Bckd Vocals, guitar / Lisa Belsky-Bckd Vocals / Kevin Smith-Lead Guitar / John DiSanto-drums / Kristy Foye-Cello / Steve Lahey-Bodhran
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