Where do we go from here (demo)

Song Length 3:16 Genre Rock - Alternative


Change... It's a familiar pain. Fate... Such a cruel game. Where do we go from here? To the left where nothing is right? Or to the right where nothing, nothing is left, oh no Where do we go from here, to the left where nothing is right, or to the right, where nothing, nothing is left oh no. Nothing is left, nothing is right, nothing is left, oh my.

Very cool vibe! I would definitely listen to this again. I love the very daring/unique vocal. Very unique and with a level of darkness that I enjoy. Once the "Where do we go from here" breaks out, it's clear that the vocalist has talent. Good stuff!

Love that background! Good written intro also. Kind off a frightening calm amid unbelievable agitation and distortion. For more stars for originality!

Great production and and sounds a high quality recording (assuming its mp3). Loving the vocal effects, I think it works very well. Enjoyed listening and great to hear high quality work.

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