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Song Length 4:39 Genre Blues - Rock
Lead Vocal Instrumental

Nice subdued guitar at the start.Never really helps the guitarist when the backing is plodding along,the guitar player is good but kinda needs some kick butt so to speak from the drums and bass to bring it alive and to give his playing a lift.

nice mix and balance like the laidbackness of tune slow and easy and right

Really soulful and bluesy sound. At the intro, it reminds me of Black Velvet, but it quickly morphs into its own piece. Guitar is absolutely killer. Outro is perfect.

Good, positive vibe, lifted my day. I was hoping for lyrics, I had to write my own LOL
I'm not exactly a musician but I know what a good jam "feels" like. You guys Rock.

Awesome slow blues! Really clean and varied lead guitar track. The rhythm guitar was well played and had just the right amount of presence. The bass and percussion were solid. Very good production value; well mixed. The lack of a vocal track did not detract from this tune; the lead guitar kept my interest.

Wicked guitars, cool band, nice tune.

Very cool blues/rock piece.

Very nice standard blues progression. The tone on the guitar main guitar is outstanding. Being a blues guy, I could listen to tunes like this all day.

Laid back blues guitar showcase the pretty much works. Well-recorded!

Truly awesome groove here - love it! Slow, smokey, evocative. Feelz like i'm chillin in a very cool club down south and enjoying life. Excellent production values.

Man, I love slow blues so this is right up my alley. I think it's commercially salable if you find the right vehicle for it. The arrangement is tight and the starkness of bass, drums and lead guitar is just right for this kind of song. It's technically sound without trying to sound like Clapton or BB or any of the other big names in blues.

Just what i needed tonight to perk my mood up. Loved it!!!!

This song makes me want to lay back, sip a cold one, and enjoy the music. Great!

nice blues guitar playing on this instrumental track. would make for a ideal backing track.

Extremely nice and tasty guitar work and the guitarist has a great feel for the blues. Good mix as well as were the background players. Well done!!

Excellent. My personal favorite style of music. solid blues track. nice for so many applications, really nicely recorded also.

nice tune...enjoyed it.....

Clean,up and at em,good job.

Great classic Blues sound. Very clean instrumentation,nice guitar work, great composition in a traditional Blues riff. Well recorded clean. Good job!!

Music Hartmut Oberdieck Label OBI-MUSIC PRODUCTION
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