Make Believe

Story Behind The Song

Jennifer plays in a Native American spiritual punk-rock duo and told me she'd always wanted to write and sing a country song. We aimed for classic country.

Song Description

He drinks and she's had enough.

Song Length 2:41 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Alchohol, Beer, Wine Language English
Era 2000 and later


Maybe it was all just make believe, She worried 'bout the whiskey and the beer, She thought he might change if she just gave it one more year, Now she's just got to leave
She's at home, all alone, baking pies from scratch, She's come to believe the man of her dreams is not her perfect match, He's at the bar, glass in hand, watchin the game with the guys, When he comes home she's still in love, When he don't she cries
(recitation - girl) All those wasted tears, All from tryin' to be that man's wife
(recitation - boy) All those wasted years, She's damned if she'll waste her whole life
(repeat chorus, tag last line , then) Maybe it was all just make believe (X 2)

Lyrics Jeneda Benali, Jim Schwall Music Jeneda Benali, Jim Schwall
Producer Jim Schwall, Jake Johnson Publisher CONUNDRUM InterArts
Performance Jim Schwall, vocal, guitars, bass, Liz Stattleman-Scanlan, vocal, Leroy Deuster, pedal steel, Ethan Noordyk, drums Label CONUNDRUM InterArts
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