Story Behind The Song

used to feel bad about being late but finally realized that it's not all bad, especially if you are working in your studio until 4 a.m. every morning.

Song Description

Song is about being late, and helping people, (as long as their not crazy people) and having a good time playing music.

Song Length 3:15 Genre Rock - Alternative, Blues - General
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Cheerful Subject Hope, Life
Similar Artists Jimi Hendrix, Abba Language English
Era 2000 and later



Gonna be on time, most every day, gonna make my money, workin hard each day, and if you ain't crazy, I'm gonna help you along the way.

Gonna dress real nice, on Saturday night, gonna play my music, till it's out of sight,
and if we get crazy, that'll just be alright
Summer's on the way, we can laugh and play, at the sunny Beach, you can get your suntan, fill your shoes with white sand, or a Georgia Peach, yeah.

Gonna Be On Time, Most everyday, Gonna make my money, workin hard each day, and if you're not crazy, I'm gonna help you along the way.

Lead guitar and then simmers out.

Patrick "Catnippat" Muth

I like this overall it reminds me of a lil Keith urban

Nice bluesy feeling and good wha guitar sound and pleasant guitar solo
Rather classic blue grass / blues song

Cool, flunky, bluesy tune. Nice groove. great sound of the instruments.

Fun tune, love the wah,wah!

The movement is good...needs dynamics?

Nice funky guitar and laid-back vocal. I like the quality of the distortion and the carefree lyrics.

I enjoyed the lyrics and the instumentation. Overall good arrangement of the song. I thought the song was great, personally I'd just go back and work on the mix.

Interesting sound. The guitar almost has a drenched, psychedelic sound and I like the chord progression.

like the music

A song well established in the Rock - Alternative stream. Easy to listen and with very interesting lyrics

A very classic, to me, old school rock-n-roll track with a touch of chill and I love that. The style of your sound totally works and is consistent on the track, which is rare and impressive. I love the walking bass, I love the WAH on the guitar. The text is a clear strength to your track, which tells me you are writing intelligent songs. Anything you can do to add clarity to the text, in my mind, is important and you're doing that.

I really like what you use for guitar effects. Really draws in the listener!

For a blues song, I rather like these lyrics. The chorus, in particular, has a nice duality to it, with the singer talking about how he's going to work hard, and will help out as long as his partner "ain't crazy". And the verse about going to the beach, white sand in your shoes, and a Georgia Peach, paints a good picture.

I like the intro hook. It's catchy. And the overall groove is good. Hitting on the offbeat with the swing overtop makes it cool and driving at the same time. To me, this is a blues song, but not in the "hard-driving swing" style that gets overplayed these days. More of a funky-rootsy blues, which I like.

The use of wah on the guitar solo was a surprise, but not a bad one. I like wah, and while other songs similiar to this would've used dobro or a fat slide guitar sound, I think the wah worked.

Also, I like the wavering vibrato on the vocals. Not oversung at all, and quite suited to this style.

Very good song with a lot of potentials to improve

Nice, bluesy tune. Performances very professionally done. Production flawless as far as I could tell. I liked the base guitar coming more prominent in the middle. Vocals worked well with style and instrumentation used. Reminded me a bit of Led Zeppelin second album, at least with the bluesy style of rock

The vocals are clear and can be heard, I like the guitar very much, and the lyrics flow well. This is one of those songs where the music will stay in my head first and eventually the lyrics will follow. I can imagine being at an outside event and hearing this.

Very Eric Clapton" meets "BB King" ish. Like the raspy rockabilly vocals
- solid guitar action. Love the wah wah performance
- I like the lead vocalists feel and delivery
- Background vocals were nice

Sounds like a throwback to some sixties acts. Cool and outside the box. A new version of Mungo Jerry perhaps?

The recording is not bad

Hey Catnip! I recognized this was you right away, you definitely got a sound! Super fun upbeat song, like all your stuff, just puts me in a good mood!

Another really good song Patrick!! The guitar reminds me of Hendrix! Really like the fun lyrics, the arrangement, and the vocal (very relaxed and natural!). Cool tune all the way around!!

Love it very funky and bluesy at the same time sounds like something I would do myself

This is a song that is easy to listen to. Has a laid-back rolling vibe which I enjoyed. Enjoyed the guitar work. Almost has a bluesy feel, support well by the vocal style and lyrics.

I like the song. Lyrics rate high. The song goes well with the voice. It sounds like the blues but it is impressionistic so that makes it more original. The song is easy to hear again and again. A couple of things keep it from scoring "excellent".

loping beat is cool.

Very cool Bluesy type feel to it.

This is a decent song, with pretty good lyrics. The singer is very capable, and the harmonies, in the brief area they appear, are spot on. I think this could be quite a tune with a cleaned up, professional recording. It is bluesy enough to be comfortable, but not too straight, so that it is an interesting and catchy tune.

I liked it. It had a good hook, and strong beat with a nice melody.
Very well played.

OK it's music

I really like the retro wah-wah guitar sound and the guitar solo at the end in particular. The transition at 1.12 is highly effective. The song is catchy and has a good time feel reflected by the lyrics. Strong the vocal delivery.

All of the instrumentals were well played. Everything was on time and in tune. The guitar had a jazzy feel. The lyrics were creative. The instrumental of the song was quite catchy and decently produced. TONS of potential. I've reviewed other songs that felt like the production was so off that they'd never get a quality song--this song shows you have a ton of talent and there is a lot of potential for this song.

I definitely enjoyed the fact of how unconventional the sounds were in this song, the instruments really standing out from one another with their sounds and of course the timing of the notes that were played by those instruments. The vibe kind of reminded me of the intro song in the tv series called South Park :)

Fun song, nice wah wah on the guitar. Good lyrics

Nice and fresh. I like the groove.

I actually like the whole old school groove on this.... I am feeling the guitar sound choices and the bassline is grooving! The drums are awesome for the most part.... This is an easy to listen to track. The concept is excellent....GREAT great idea! I hope you can get to where you are getting regular placements if you haven't already!

A unique track in the sense of how the wah wah pedal is being used rhythmically over the beat and tempo of the song. The singer has a cool scratchy vibe that fits just rite with t his song. Good work!

Kind of reminds something of early Dire Straits

I like this song it has a good laid back feeling and sets the mood for the summer. I think it would suit an advert related to summer or it would be great lying on the beach listening to this on the radio.

Nice jam. Love "wah wah" guitar on this. Song has a nice flow and is very catchy. Strong concept and structure. Interesting choice instrumentation on this, but I get it. This can very easily almost cross over into the blues category.

Certainly different! A bit hendrix at the beginning, then slipped into something unexpected.

Nice Song. Very enjoyable. Love the genre anyway! Good production and balance of instruments. ...................................................................................................................

Interesting Blues Song, has a real earthy honest down home feel, a Raw feel that is quite infectious and believable!! I would like the Lead Singer's voice to be a tad louder in the Mix, it's hard to understand some of the words, but I can hear some very interesting lyrics......good songwriting!! I have a feeling I know who wrote this composition, but I will just have to push submit!!
Great Job Boys..........

Lovely vocal and tune.

Very good sound. Nice intro, nice instrumentation, great riff. Very original both musically and lyrically. Sounds like the Stray Cats meet Funkadelic. Very good groove that just keeps on gettin' it and gettin' it. Enjoyable song.

With a strong and original intro and outro, this song somehow has a Cajun feel to it. (Are there Cajuns in Georgia?) The most impressive part of this song is the fresh and funky instrumentation...just totally fun to listen to. Definitely dance-able. Love the guitar and the drums (ending a nice touch on cymbals). Great Bass, too!

I enjoy the overall vibe as well as choice of instrumentations and tone. This I do feels crosses a few genre lines with jazz elements, folk elements, and rock elements. This does remind me of an older era of recording. If that was your intention then great job.

Dr. John on Broadjam? This is just plain fun...love the first lines..."Gonna be on Time"...what a great opening line...doesn't matter what follows..you're gonna be on time.

This is something that I'd expect to hear on Bourbon St.

Well. Great start.. love the guitar lick. Blues feelin' song.. has potential.

Good vocals

Catchy,bluesy, toe tapping tune with a fun Frank Zappa-ish feel...definitely works well in both southern rhythm & blues rock, and the cerebral alternative rock culture I can see this being used in a TV commercial or movie, GOOD LUCK!

Interesting entry into the song - A lot in the mix - Digging the walking baseline, and the groove. FA FA Funky wah in the guitar rhythm. Having fun with the listen...nodding and bouncing my head and wanna do a shimmy. This one is a crowd pleaser live. Ok gonna listen again. Ok --- loving the understated, right in the pocket vocals. Over used but fits "catchy as hell." gonna be humming this one all day...feel good tune.

Funky crossover with country and boogie, introduced by an Hendrixian wah wah guitar, lately starring in a slightly hallucinated solo. A peculiar and off beat record. A bit drunk.

Good song. Sounds like Eric Clapton and the dead mixed together. Unique sound/finger print. good instrumentation. There is a big market for your music. Similar to the band Fish. Nice sound on the guitar solo. Your voice is good I wanted to here it a little clearer. Your music is good and there is definitely a market for it keep it up.

A few beers and it works for me. Sounds like a good bar song. I like jambalaya style music...

I really like the beat and the sound of the lead and rhythm guitars sounds a little like Dr. Hook.

Classic rock feel and groove. Guitar player has it going on, nice solo. I can hear a lot of talent in this recording, someone who knows music, the blues, very well.

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