Born Under a Bad Sign

Song Length 3:50 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - Traditional
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental

Great intro with a strong Guitar. I believe this is a cover of a Cream song? Well done.......................................

Very smooth and hot tune. Loved it! great arrangement, all the best!!

Well, let's see...ummmm...I am jealous of that lead guitar! I am hearing Clapton's classic slow hand. At the instrumental break some fine notes are reeled off in the cover of this classic tune. I have always loved this song...most recently heard a rendition by The ABB. Vocals are cool and right in the groove of this mix which works really well. Best of luck to you. Would love to jam with you one day.

This gives me memories of watching 'The Cream' many moons ago. The instrumentation and tightness was fabulous. The structure of the piece was solid and allows the song to sit along with the great standards. Where ever you are it would be a pleasure to pay to see you, a little more variation in the arrangement would take over the line for originality for the genre. Just a thought.

Good cover of Born under a bad sign, ala Cream meets SRV. Great guitar tone, and chops. Sticks to the feel of this tune, and does not offer an original slant or send up. could have been used as background music on a tv show like Sons of Anarchy.

Wicked guitar playing!! I know this song well. I played this at a show last week. Great execution overall.

the music is great ... love the guitar ...

What can be said about one of the great blues tunes of all time. Great tune, well performed. Nice guitar playing, solid backing, rock on.

Really great performances. Nice musicianship. The groove is really nice and the vocals are excellent. Nice guitar tone and over all feel. Excellent blues guitar solo. A really nice cover. Found myself grooving to this! Nice work. Enjoyed listening to it.

What a great version of this classic. Really enjoyed it.

When I heard the opening riff I thought this sounds like that old Cream song.

love the song and love this cover

great cover of the classic blues song. good dark and deep blues style. great lead guitar solos and style. very gary moore.
good luck

HOLY SHIT!--I could almost see the smoke coming off them GEEETAR strings!--GREAT STUFF--LOVE IT!--cheers--joe.

Good, gritty start - I like it. Good blusey groove with a soulful vocal. I like that it's not a traditional I, IV, V progression - I like the riff. Good job.

I really like this kind of stuff,written and recorded a few of them myself.Good live job sound.

Really good blues track......good guitars and vocals......enjoyed it a lot.......

Not bad for a cover.

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